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Product Media Center

Publish, organize, distribute and secure your product information and media on the cloud.

Marketing Communication

Are you a Marketing and Communications Manager or Director?

Every day, you manage hundreds or even thousands of products…with an ever-growing amount of product files, images, commercial information and bar codes…all of which needs to be centralized and distributed in a secure way…


Are you a CIO?

Embrace a solution that responds to your business needs, while at the same time ensuring data is managed correctly.
Regain control while allowing your employees a high level of autonomy.


​You’re going to love enriching product files and synchronizing them with images and videos

Stop wasting resources and adopt the most agile software solution on the market, which combines Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Asset Management (PAM).

Easily organize your product media library and control content distribution…safe in the knowledge that files are optimized for being viewed on all devices.


Management made simple, with reinforced security: saving you and your teams masses of time

Developed natively for the cloud, Product Media Center offers maximum flexibility and scalability in order integrate quickly with your existing IS.

Product Media Center is a single directory that allows a company and its partners to access a media library, and to manage all related product information and media in a secure cloud environment.

Optimize access to product information and manage the distribution of different types of content - product files, descriptions, marketing and regulatory information, photos, videos, PDF files, bar codes (EAN, QR codes) – among all relevant parties (subsidiaries, distributors, press, agencies…).

PMC hosts all product information and associated media, optimizing files for distribution throughout the world via an interface that is personalized using company colors.

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Product Media Center
Publish Media

Accept and convert all media and data formats

Ensure the management of all types of media and product-related documents: descriptions, attributes, keywords, tags, photos, videos, PDF files...

Features :

TDownloads, video/audio encoding, photo/image resizing, print/web adaptation, conversion of PPTs, PDFs…

Manage Product Information

Simplify the organization and distribution of media and information

A centralized directory for all product information and associated media, with a tagging system and powerful search engine that enable you to categorize, index, organize and publish products, descriptions and media.

Features :

Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), categorization, indexation, search, configuration of the user interface… Controlled by web service APIs and exchanges with third party tools.

Diffuse and share

Protect the distribution of sensitive data

Through the precise configuration of user rights, access rights and data encryption. Control exactly who can access which products or media files.

Features :

Restricted access / IP filtering, standard authentication/ SSO/ADFS, Token, SSL encryption / AES…

Valorize and measure

DAM that responds to all your needs

Products and media stored on the directory can be searched for, viewed and downloaded directly from Product Media Center, published on your sites and blogs, viewed directly via a QR code and synchronized via APIs and web services.

Features :

Export code (Iframe/JS), group downloads for media linked to the same product, on-demand media adaptation, complete product page personalization.

Valorize and measure

An advanced management and tracking tool

Access statistics and analytics regarding the reach of your publications and media via the Product Media Center administration site. Import or duplicate data towards third party tools (ERP, CRM, PIM…).

Features :

Statistics regarding media viewing and use of the platform. Integration of leading analytics tools (Xiti, Comscore, Google Analytics).

Valorize and measure

Cloud flexibility and security

Media is stored on a secured directory that adapts to demand. Different types of media are managed, making it easy for you to reuse them.

Features :

Archives, file and metadata versioning, data duplication (multidatacenter), saving.


Practical Access


Media Packages


Workflow management


Excellent governance


Global Data Sync

Data Sync

Brainsonic Key

Why wait? Embrace our Digital Asset Management and Product Asset Management solution

Hasbro uses Brainsonic PIM platform

The key player in the gaming industry uses Product Media Center

I chose the Brainsonic solution as it allows me to optimize our logistical, marketing and distribution channels without having to carry out large changes to our information system.
As well as simplifying the management of product information, Product Media Center has the added benefit of media management.
I particularly appreciate being able to distribute documents in print format that are adapted to my resellers directly from the platform, and to be able to give partners, communication agencies, distributors and consumers access to media online.
Brainsonic teams applied their industry expertise as well as their complete understanding of the solution, which allowed us to launch as quickly as possible.

Anne-Clotilde Masson , Marketing Project Manager at Hasbro France

They use Product Media Center:

  • Essie
  • Garnier
  • Hasbro
  • L'Oréal
  • Maybelline New York
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